The summary of the programmes organized by the Allahabad University campus and its constituent colleges under National Service Scheme during the session 2013-14 is as follows:-

    1. Number of students allotted by the Administration for General Programmes are – 7700
    2. Actual Number of students registered in the general programme are:-
      S. NoCategoryBoysGirlsTotal
      1 General 1881 1425 3306
      2 OBC 1994 1265 3259
      3 SC 667 432 1099
      4 ST 25 11 36
      Total 4567 3133 7700
  1. Number of students allotted by the state for special camps – 3850
    S. NoCategoryBoysGirlsTotal
    1 General 931 714 1645
    2 OBC 937 645 1582
    3  SC 401 216 617
    4 ST 25 04 29
    Total 2294 1579 3873
  2. Number of allotted special camps – 77
  3. Number of organized special camps – 77
  4. Number of villages/slums included – 77
  5. Number of officers related to the programme
    43 34 77
    (A)Number of blood donation camps organized10
    (B)Number of volunteers who donated blood180
    (C)Number of blood units donated180
  7. Tree Plantation Programmes – Number of Plants planted–8450
  8. Pulse Polio Programmes – Number of Children Administered drug – 5400
  9. Brief Summary of the specific NSS programmes organized in Allahabad University and by its constituent colleges:
    • International Youth Day:-
      On 12th August, 2013, the National Service Scheme Units of the Allahabad University celebrated International Youth Day. On this day various volunteers took out an AIDS Awareness Rally starting from the university campus to Katra, Colonelganj and some other places. A debate competition on the topic – 'AIDS – Causes and Treatment' was organized in the campus of National Service Scheme office, University of Allahabad.
    • Communal Harmony Camp:-
      All NSS units organized Communal Harmony Camp from 20th August, 2013 to 3rd September 2013 and observed 'Sadbhavna Diwas' on 20th August, 2013. Oath was taken by all volunteers and this was conducted by various principals and programme officers. In this camp, various competitions like, debate, poster, discussions were organized on the topic 'Role of Youth in Communal Harmony', volunteers who stood first, second and third in various competitions were given prizes in the form of certificates.
    • Pre-Republic Day Parade Camp:
      The selection of the volunteers for the Pre Republic Day Parade Camp organized in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) from 12th to 21st October, 2013. The selections were done by programme coordinator Prof. Uma Kant Yadav, Representative of Youth Programme and Ministry of Sports, Government of India, Assistant Youth officer Sri Jamuna Prasad and NCC officer Lt. (Smt.) Rekha Rani. Five boys and five girls were selected for the camp.
    • National Service Scheme (NSS) Foundation Day:-
      The founders day of NSS units of Allahabad University Campus and its constituent colleges was celebrated on 24th September 2013 in which the goals of NSS and the programmes organised under this Scheme were highlighted. A cleaning campaign was also done by self servants.
    • Blood Donation Day:-
      NSS units celebrated blood donation day on 1st October 2013 on this occasion volunteers and other people were motivated to donate blood.
    • National Integrity Week:-
      NSS units of AU and its constituent colleges celebrated National integrity week from 19 to 25th November 2013 in which seminar, debate singing competition, lecture competition, poster competition and essay competitions were organized on the topic of 'National Integrity'. Around 1200 volunteers participated in these programmes.
    • World AIDS Day
      All the units of National Service Scheme Celebrated World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2013. On this day volunteers took out a rally and a seminar was organized on the awareness for AIDS. A detailed discussion was done on the topic of AIDS and its prevention.
    • Human Rights Day
      All the units of AU NSS celebrated Human Rights Day on 10th December 2013 in which students were made aware of the various human rights. They were also told to make other people aware of their human rights.
    • Republic Day Parade Camp
      Sri Ashish Kumar, B.A. student from Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Government College, of constituent college  of University of Allahabad was selected by Youth Programmes and Sports Ministry, Government of India for the Republic Day Parade. He attended in the Republic Day Parade Camp from 1st  to 31st January, 2014 in New Delhi.
    • Youth Week Programme
      All the units of A.U. NSS celebrated a whole week (from 12th to 18th January 2014) as 'Youth Week'. During the week, a lecture on Swami Vivekananda, poster competition, essay and debate competitions, folk song competitions etc. were organized. In the closing ceremony, students were felicitated. First, second and third prizes in the form of certificates were given to the participants in all the above competitions.
    • Voter Awareness Express
      In an attempt to develop an awareness to voters for the relevance of each and every vote, election commission and NSS organized a programme called voter awareness express on 22nd January, 2014. Students of the University and constituent colleges were told about the value of each and every vote. Slogans like 'Volunteers shall go to vote', 'Make a democratic country', 'Youth voters should awake, then only country will progress', such slogans were used to create awareness among students.
    • Voter's Day
      As announced by the Election Commission, Government of India, 25th January, 2014 is celebrated as 'Voter's Day'. On this day students of all units of National Seminar Scheme took a pledge to vote and also to develop awareness for voting Students were requested to vote and this message was communicated with the help of their participation in various competitions. First, second and third prizes were given to students in singing competition related to awareness for voting. A procession was also taken out to develop awareness for voting among voters. More than 1000 self-servants participated in the rally.
    • Cleaning Campaign and Harmony Rally in Magh Mela
      On 6th February, 2014 different units of National Service Scheme organized a Sadbhavana (harmony) rally in which people were requested to live with peace and harmony. After the rally, a large number of volunteers put an effort to clean the banks of the Sangam and requested people not to pollute Ganga, keep it clean and avoid use of plastic bags, detergents etc in the Sangam area.
    • National Songs, Youth Songs and Debating Competition
      On 21 February, 2014, under the guidance of Programme Coordinator, Prof. Uma Kant Yadav, among the different units of National Seminar Scheme Units Youth Songs, National Songs and debating competitions were organized. Kumari Deeksha Malviya of Rajarshi Tandon Mahila College got the first prize in Youth Songs Competition, Nidhi Sharan Srivastava of, AU, got the second prize and Sandeep Kumar of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College got the third prize. In Group Song, Rajarshi Tandon Mahila College got the first prize, Shyama Prasad Mukharjee and Ishwar Sharan Degree College got the second prize and Allahabad University got the third prize in Solo Singing Competition, Uttam Kumar Mishra got the first prize, Deeeksha Malviya got the second prize and Neeraj Kumar & Urmilla got the third. On this occasion, Prof. Bechan Sharma, Dr. Manju Singh, Dr. Meena Rani Agarwal, Dr. Namita Yadav, Dr. Sandhya Arora etc. along with representatives of Government of India, Jamuna Prasad, Lucknow Region were present.Besides the above mentioned programmes, the NSS volunteers of Allahabad University campus and its constituent colleges organized general and specific cleaning campaigns on acquired slums, villages and public places. Moreover programmes on plantation, protection of environment, health awareness, AIDS awareness, clean Ganga Campaign, Save Ganga Rally, literacy, blood donation etc. were organized. Awareness programmes for various social evils and essay, debate competitions on topics related to National importance were also organized.

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